Robert Sexé reporter motocycliste photographe

Robert Sexé reporter motocycliste photographe
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Robert Sexé dessin de J.Pruvost-droits réservés

enquête au pays des soviets


couverture_robert_sexé_enquête_au_pays_des_soviets Description e-book : The detectives Dumons their condition us into an investigation to take your breath away. Pursuing Robert, real reporter and his rival paper: Tintin, they take us on the streets of Brussels, along the Center Den Linden in Berlin, to Moscow, the capital of the Soviets. Riding their bike, jumping in a speedboat, flying 4 wheels cars, or taking the controls of an airplane. Intrepid reporters that our two heroes. These pages will share their exploits. Come and discover their adventures by becoming an actor and reader of this exciting investigation.

"The characters in this novel are real, any resemblance to imaginary individuals, would be fortuitous. "Raymond Queneau (The Sunday of Life)

ISBN : 2-909148-03-8 - Dimensions : 235 x 304 mm, 200 dpi, 156 pages - Editor : Les éditions du Vieux Château - Price : 14,90 €

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couverture_robert_sexé_au_pays_des_soviets_réedition_numériqueDescription e-book : Robert Sexé (1890-1986) made the "motorcycle" pilgrim's stick, that he used to travel the world. He left his native Vendée for studies in England, here photojournalist during the Balkan war in 1912, motorcycle rider prominent before 1914, he was hired as a volunteer motorcyclist during the 1914-1918 war, he won in France on the podium of the most major races of the day (Paris-Nice, Tour de France ...) but also abroad (Landerfahrt in Germany, the circuit of soviets in U.S.S.R. in 1925 ...), inveterate traveler (to Constantinople on the trail and memories of Pierre Loti, in Moscow, around the world, beyond the Arctic Circle ...).
Meanwhile, in Brussels, Hergé created Tintin and SNOWY ...

This book invites you to share the first journeys of the "reporter-motorcycliste-photographer" through his stories and over 250 original photographs.

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ISBN : 2-909148-04-5 - Dimensions : 235 x 304 mm, 200 dpi, 218 pages - Editor : Les éditions du Vieux Château - Price : 9,90 €

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About the books

document 4ème de couverture In 1996, the centenary of Robert Sexé, Janpol SCHULZ edited by self-publishing, the book "Sexé in the Land of the Soviets", a beautiful book of 155 pages, circulation of more than 3000 copies, this one depicting the journeys of the reporter-motorcyclist Vendée through his first two trips: Paris - Constantinople - Paris and Paris - Moscow - Paris. The book will quickly find its audience, so much so that it is not found today, with the exception of a few online auction sites.

In May 2010, this site opened its doors on the internet, allowing to find information, documents and photos for those interested in the universe, the work, the story of Robert Sexé, and more generally to old bikes. The site has made its merry way, albeit modest, he allowed interest to note intact for the world traveler, and especially for the parallels with another globetrotter, this paper, by the name of Tintin the character created by Hergé.

Janpol Schulz was somewhat addressed the subject in the book quoted above, mainly with a comparison between the cover of "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets" and a photograph of Robert Sexé. In recent years, taking stock pictures of Robert, he could see other parallels, especially since, among other things, the book "Hergé" by Pierre Assouline, we know more about the working methods the Belgian maestro, namely, a huge documentation to meet its accuracy requirement for his comics. Possibly, Robert Sexé could be one of these sources through the stories of his travels and his photographs.

Thus would seem, originally from a publisher a book on these parallels, as an investigation of two inspectors (Dumond and Dumont) on the trail of Robert Sexé and Tintin. A richly illustrated book, with pictures of Robert never published to date. This book could not be done, it was decided to adapt it in digital PDF, via a kiosk in line, with for the occasion, a "reprint" digital book "Sexé in the Land of the soviets" appeared in 1996. Both books are available for Download and at a modest price.

It is true he had been nicer to publish these two works on paper. Today the goal is achieved, namely that both books are available to readers, digitally of course, but we do not lose hope that we can in the future, these flip books in paper form, media noble and more than ever in the air.