Robert Sexé reporter motorcycliste photographer

Robert Sexé reporter motorcycliste photographer
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tour du monde 1926 Born November 17 1890 in La Roche-sur-Yon in the Vendée, orphaned very young, Marcel Sexé (his father's brother) became his guardian.

1897 : Entered the Jesuit College of St. Joseph. Bachelor of Letters in 1907. Part for the London School of Economics.

1912 : Robert spends his license in England and bought his first motorbike, a Rudge. The same year, Robert is a reporter for the daily "The Daily Citizen" and war correspondent, special correspondent in the Balkan War (Bulgaria-Turkey), shall, as a passenger, one of the first flight to use military aircraft Deperdussin the corresponding drawing of the famous English magazine "Sphere" will do the sketch in 1913.

1914 : Dispute circuit Fontainebleau, and the circuit in south-west which is run in Bordeaux, where he finished 3rd in "500", and is a correspondent of the English magazine "Motor Cycling". It is also the year of the so called "great war", the writer Eugene Montfort will persuade him to be a war correspondent. Robert Sexé, he prefers to engage as motorcyclist.

1918 : end of the war, Robert Sexé is then parked, as an interpreter in Germany Neustdast in the Palatinate. He will meet Ms Rosy who become sex in it parallel trade in the stock motorbikes war American and English.

Official Runner-Soyer at Clapson on a motorcycle built by his friend the English engineer Clapson, he participated in Six Days played in France. Robert Sexé then see Moto-Revue and some Lipmann who became the famous "Lip" watches of the same name, but there are also "Neimann" Human anti-theft car. Participates in major endurance races of the day, the Paris-Paris-Pyrenees, circuit des Vosges, Paris-Nice, where he ranked top runners or on the top step, winning the gold medal.

Départ Paris-Constantinople-1924

1924 : Robert Sexé horizon will change and therefore preparing a raid Paris-Constantinople-Paris; He joins two teammates Krebs and Dumoulin. The motorbikes are provided by the Belgian firm Gillet-Herstal. The press recognizes this feat and relatively abundant success.

1925 : the same team with motorcycles of the same brand is extended, this faith it for a Paris-Moscow with participation in the difficult test that is "The circuit Soviet" Success will go and the firm Gillet-Herstal , therefore, sell motorbikes to the Soviets. Gender make four trips to the USSR in 1925, 1926, 1929, 1932. He will meet and become friends with an avid motorcyclist Engineering Mikulin to be the creator of the famous MIG aircraft.

Beginning in July 1926: Both men and motorcycles hit the road in front of the public and the press, neither more nor less than a round the world in motorcycle Gillet-Herstal, accompanied by Andre Andrieux, a strapping then engineer the firm Gillet, as teammate.

Article-Le Petit Parisien du 14 Juin 1926

Until 1931: Robert Sexé remains faithful to Gillet-Herstal and with different models, it will travel across Europe during several raids around Europe, the Arctic Ocean ... his exploits were published in many European newspapers and often the coverage of Moto Revue.

Depression 30: The Gillet was compelled to dispense with the services of Robert, however, his reputation is already well established and Peugeot will welcome him. Participate, as teammate to rally in Monte Carlo with Sénéchal driving a Delage that.

At Peugeot, it will still take the top billing on conducting raids raids: 26 000 km in Europe and Africa, 15 000 km by motorbike across Europe, Tour de France in motorbike ... Motorcycle Journal will publish a special issue on the house after Peugeot's European tour, text and photos by Robert Gender. In these years of motorization of the army, Robert Sexé will be related with General Camon, a staunch defender of the engine at a time when the cavalry occupies an important place. Sex published numerous articles on military tests and technical articles on this subject. At Peugeot, it tries a suitable model for the army.

à Mandeure (Doubs), au départ d'Alep - Syrie - 1937 Bad Durkheim (Allemagne), 1937

1939 : Robert is found during one of his trips departing for India, Lebanon, the events here that are incorporated into the armed services. He then drives a Peugeot fitted the French army and also the big American "Indian".

After the war: the world has totally changed, France is at a crossroads of civilization, industry in general and especially the motorbike mutate or disappear.

This interlude he sees Robert Sexé stop? No, here are the 50 driving his motorcycle of yesteryear throughout Europe and successfully participating in meetings of old motorcycles. There is a big winter rally which takes place in Germany « Les Éléphants » (video INA) and of course we meet regularly Robert Sexé ... who is the star. Moto Revue in 1961 speaks of "the meeting of the Elephants" marked last year by the arrival of veteran Robert Sexé. We can say "significant" because his name came back several times in the conversations we had with the Germans, Belgians, Swiss, and how they felt they were sympathetic to the displacement of the motorcycle enthusiast. In 1972, he was still at 82 years, to visit the circuit.

Robert Sexé - 1969 Robert Sexé

At 84, Robert Sexé always practiced the motorbike ; and number of Poitou had time to see the furrow region Poitiers and wearing his legendary leather jacket. He left our world in 1986 has left its name forever the history of the motorbike.

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